BUSINESS VISA : Single entry visa - RM260.00 (inclusive of Svc Fee)

With 1 Business Single entry visa, the next application - you are eligible to apply for Multiple Entry visas as follows :

MULTIPLE 3 MTHS - RM880.00 (inclusive of SVC Fee) or

MULTIPLE 6 MTHS - RM1710.00 (inclusive of SVC Fee) or

MULTIPLE 1 YEAR - RM2550.00 (inclusive of SVC Fee)

Multiple entry visa need not to exit after 70 days and extendable according to rules and regulations


The documents required :

2 passport size photo - colour with white background

Application form fully filled and signed

Copy of passport biodata page

Original Passport and validity not less than 6 months

Pages not less than 3

Flight ticket (optional)

LOI (letter of ivitation) from company in Myanmar + Company's business license and DICA - Company Profile or Form 1 or Form 6 & 26

LOR (Letter of Recommendation) from the company you work with.

(Dependents following spouse need their particular to be added in LOI & LOR and children age 16 below compulsory to attached copy of their Birth Certificate & MYKID / MYKAD - For foreign country birth certificate, need to be translated to English)


Multiple Entry Visa - Please submit your application at least 3 working days before you flying date back to your destination the visa officer will only issue the visa sticker once she gets verification on the LOI via a telephone call to the company.