SOCIAL VISA SINGLE  - RM260.00   (inclusive of Svc Fee)


A single social visa allows to stay for 70days in Myanmar from the date of arrival and extendable in Myanmar according to the rules and regulations.


SOCIAL VISA MULTIPLE 3 MONTHS RM680.00 (inclusive   of Svc Fee) OR

SOCIAL VISA MULTIPLE 6 MONTHS RM1300.00   (inclusive of Svc Fee) OR

SOCIAL VISA MULTIPLE 1 YEAR RM1920.00   (inclusive of Svc Fee)


Multiple entry visa need not to exit after 70 days and extendable according to rules and regulations

Former Myanmar Citizens, Spouses of Myanmar Nationals,Children of Myanmar Nationals,

Children of Myanmar Nationals who get married with Foreigners need to apply Social Visit Visa.

Spouses of Myanmar Nationals must provide the photocopy of marriage certificate, passport and visa.


The documents required :

Original Passport with at least 6 months validity

Pagesnot less than 3

A Photocopy of Passport

2 passport size photo - colour with white background

Spouse copy passport and visa

Marriage certificate   (need to betranslated   inEnglish)

AirTicket~(Return ticket or one way)


(For children age 16and below)

Copy of parents' passports & marriage certificate (for children)

A Photocopy of Birth Certificate & MYKID /MYKAD & Forforeign country birth certificate holder, need to be translated inEnglish.